Unique Automotive - They stole my car!!!!

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I purchased a 1999 Lexus GS400 in 2008, from Unique Automotive.I was told because of my credit I needed to put down a large deposit.

$5.000.00. I was told that the loan company needed to see I was committed to paying on my loan. The car cost $10,000.00 plus taxes and fees. My monthly payment was $295.36.

I made my payment faithfully for three years. My loan was sold to Santander, I missed a scheduled payment, due to illness and contacted them to make arrangements.

I sent in the money they repoed my car!!!Please help me!

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You need to contact Santander legal dept and talk to the corporate lawyer. Or look on the web and find a lawyer that specializes in lawsuits against this kind of company. Or contact your state Atty General's office and they might help you.

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